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How much is property tax in Italy?

We often talk about investment strategies, how to buy a house and how not to make mistakes. These are very beautiful things; but let’s face it, everyone has a fear, especially Italian people: taxes. In this article, we will (finally) understand together what taxes you have to pay to buy a house and how much … How much is property…

What to check before buying a house in Italy?

Here we are! You think you have found the right house and you can’t wait to buy it. In reality, you already imagine where to place your wardrobe and you already see yourself in the dining room with your friends and relatives for an aperitif.  I know what it feels like when you find the … What to check before…

calculate square meter italy

If you’re looking for a home, you’ve probably seen advertisements for the same property published by various agencies and in various sizes. I’ve also had the opportunity to speak with customers who had purchased a home only to discover that it was smaller than the seller or real estate firm had said. In this post, we’ll learn how … How to calculate the…

House in Tuscany: Where to buy? What to know?

Your dream is to buy a house in Tuscany (perhaps by the sea!), but you rightly want to do things well. You want to understand where it is best to buy and what are the bargains among the houses for sale. Let’s start this journey together among the properties of this beautiful region. The trend real estate … House in Tuscany: Where…

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