Real Estate Advisor

How it works

The journey begins with a call to understand your buying or investment needs. Subsequently, a file is created with the desired properties, and our consultant will conduct property visits, negotiations, and contracts. The service concludes upon the purchase of the property.

What's included

  • Professional estimation of potential properties.
  • Property search based on client’s needs. 
  • Assistance during property inspections. 
  • Negotiation of the best purchase terms.
  • Drafting or reviewing contracts.
  • Assistance in document verification.
  • Bureaucratic assistance (including for foreign buyers).
  • Consultation up to the notarial deed.

Service cost

4% of the property value plus VAT, the deposit is €500 and the balance is due at the deed signing. 

There are no penalties for withdrawal and the service is valid for 20 months from the start of the deposit.


  • Assistant on the buyer’s side in the purchase
  • Unlimited consultation
  • Delegation of property visits
  • Cost equivalent to a standard sale

If you are interested

you can contact us here at or

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