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House in Tuscany: Where to buy? What to know?

Your dream is to buy a house in Tuscany (perhaps by the sea!), but you rightly want to do things well. You want to understand where it is best to buy and what are the bargains among the houses for sale.

Let’s start this journey together among the properties of this beautiful region.

The trend real estate market in 2020 and 2021

Before buying a house in Tuscany, it might be useful to understand the real estate market trend to find out if you are making a good investment (also in the future). Always remember: it is important to know the value of a property you are considering buying.

Number of sales in Tuscany

Table of number of trades by province

The number of trades is decreasing and, according to the study of OMI, this is due to the global pandemic situation. Only time will tell us whether this will be a trend that will continue over the next few years or not.

The drop in sales often goes hand in hand with a relative drop in prices.

Price chart of real estate in Tuscany

Prices are actually dropping, but due to a general trend already underway. My opinion is that this is not due to the pandemic but to an overall decline in the Italian real estate market after the peaks reached in 2009-2010.

If you are considering making a real estate investment in Tuscany you may also be interested in what is happening in the rental market.

Surprisingly the values required for rents are increasing!

The trend of rental prices in Tuscany. Source Immobiliare.it

In short, is it worth buying a house in Tuscany?

My answer is a definite yes! The prices are low and the deals are many, moreover, for a real estate investment, the fall in prices and the increase in rents is a greedy opportunity.

In 2021 I expect a continuation of these Trends, more sales for properties to be renovated (thanks to the renovation bonuses) and a move to the suburbs with less expensive homes and comfortable outdoor spaces.

Jacopo Tartaglia
Real Estate Broker, founder and CEO
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